Animation and Infographics

In this video I had to explain what a group of research scientists were doing to a group of potential investors. I broke down a lot of the data and animated it in an easy to understand manner. Pictures, pie charts and movement all contributed to making a 10 page white paper into a 1 minute animated sequence while still explaining complex scientific processes.

Main Title Sequence

In this opening title sequence I was trying to set the mood for a show about regrets. I superimposed video of people who looked sad or tormented over shots of an open highway. The highway symbolized our life journey, thus adding hope to a bleak series of images.

Main Title Sequence

This opening animation was meant to symbolize the great battle between God's army and Lucifer's army, ultimately ending in Lucifer being cast out of heaven. The silhouettes and extreme close ups are supposed to give the feeling of a great battle without the need for months of animating hollywood level effects.


Logo Animation and Virtual Product Demonstration

This video was meant to demonstrate the Allvirtuous unit-counterfeiting application. It starts by explaining the issue and then demonstrates how the app can be used to spot counterfeit products. The client liked simple animations and lots of white space, but it's a good example of doing virtual application demos with video.